Stop  Repeat  Offenders !
    Do  Not  Re-elect  Irresponsible  Incumbent  Politicians

This ONE simple idea offers many benefits and reasons worth considering:
(01) SIMPLICITY:  An important reason and benefit to never re-elect irresponsible incumbents is because it is simple.  But, not only is it simple, it is simply the right thing to do.  Don't Re-elect Irresponsible Incumbent Politicians.   It is the most common-sense, ethical, peaceful, non-partisan, inexpensive, justifiable, and responsible thing that voters were supposed to be doing all along to peacefully force government to be transparent, accountable, and responsible too.  Some will try to say it's a bad idea because it is simple.  Nonsense.  Since when was the most simple solution a bad thing. Most incumbents are fiscally and morally irresponsible and unaccountable, as evidenced by the current condition of the nation.  While our troops risk life and limb, go without armor, adequate medical care, and promised benefits, many (if not all) Congress persons give themselves raises (10 times between 1997 and 2009), vote on pork-barrel, subsidies for the wealthy, corporate welfare, waste, and other manifestations of unchecked greed.  So why repeatedly reward those incumbent politicians with perpetual re-election?  That's the price the incumbent politicians should pay for looking the other way, failing to police their own ranks, ignoring the nation's most pressing problems, and these 10+ abuses which are causing some of the worst economic conditions ever and/or since the 1930s and 1940s.

It's that simple.
No complex theories.
No vast conspiracies.
No grand schemes.
Nothing more, than voting responsibly to peacefully force government to be responsible too.
As long as voters can vote and obtain an accurate vote count, the voters have the government that the voters elect (and deserve).
(02) PEACEFUL  FORCE:   This idea provides the necessary FORCE required to give politicians sufficient incentive to do the right thing. Nothing else provides the peaceful FORCE that is required. Government will not do it themselves, and nothing else seems to be working.  It's also the safest method to balance power between the government and the people, rather than merely shift power or strip all power from government to accomplish anything.
(03) PEER  PRESSURE:  An important reason and benefit to VOTE OUT (or recall) all irresponsible incumbents is because it gives the politicians an incentive to police their own ranks, and to pressure their fellow politicians to be more responsibleCongress and the Executive Branch of government should be treated as one entity/team. This is an effective tactic used by the military;  often, the entire squad or platoon is punished for one person's transgression, which creates internal peer pressure from the group on the transgressor to improve.  The benefit will be increased accountability and efficiency, and politicians with an incentive to police their own ranks.
(04) CANDIDATE  CHOICES  and  FAIR  ACCESS  TO  GET  ON  VOTING  BALLOTS:   The choice of candidates is not the fundamental problem anymore, because main-party partisan-bigots have limited your choices.  And, it doesn't seem to matter anymore WHO you vote for, because the system is dysfunctional, and good or well-meaning politicians, after being elected,  are powerless to create responsible and accountable government.  There are not sufficient incentives to force elected officials to be transparent, accountable, and responsible Especially since some pandering politicians are almost immediately stricken with "jelly-brain" disease shortly after being elected to office, and forget many (or all) of their campaign promises (i.e. "read my lips") The fundamental problem is the greed and corruption that takes over once some politicians are elected into office, which makes politicians and government dysfunctionalAlso, voters should always still attempt to find new honest candidates to place on ALL ballots for ALL electionsBut, the barriers to third parties trying to get onto voting ballots must be torn down. This is a serious problem, and it's a serious violation of the Constitution.
(05) BALANCE  OF  POWER:  Politicians don't have any power except for the power voters give them
We must stop empowering them to continue the abuse and corruption This one simple idea provides  the force required to peacefully balance the power (not merely shift it) between government and the people.  It merely encourages the people to do the thing they should have been doing all along:  use their vote wisely and responsibly to make government be responsible too.
(06) REDUCE  CORRUPTION:  It would reduce or eliminate Pork-Barrel spending, pandering, false promises to buy votes, waste, and it would reduce or eliminate graft and special-interest groups and lobbyists from gaining influence, favors, and power via bribery and illegal unethical campaign contributions.  It will reduce greed and corruption (which is rooted in laziness), and it will reduce all of the negative things it breeds. Thus, it will increase productivity. Perhaps, even, taxes could be lowered? This plan will make elections much less expensive.  There will be less reasons to send a lot of money to a party or candidate. It will help get the money out of politics.  When money gets into politics and elections, they are rotten thereafter.  Thus, elections can be won by candidates that are not wealthy, which would bring a much needed viewpoint to the government.
(07) VOTER  IMPOSED  TERM-LIMITS:  It creates instant term-limits that irresponsible incumbent politicians will never allow.   It would immediately eliminate the few truly bad career politicians that remain in office as long as they keep bringing home the pork.  Irresponsible incumbent politicians will never voluntarily pass a law for term-limits, or any law that might even remotely reduce their power, opportunities for self-gain, and the security of their cu$hy, coveted seats of power.   Therefore, they deserve to have term-limits imposed for the very same reasons that there are term-limits on the office of president, and because most (if not all) incumbents are currently irresponsible and unaccountable.  Perhaps that can be modified in the future, but not until there exists a better way to put an end to career politicians that are difficult to oust because of numerous unfair incumbent advantages.  But, the obvious problem with this and many badly-needed, common-sense reforms is that irresponsible incumbent politicians will never pass them, so it is now up to the voters. 
(08) FRUSTRATED  VOTERS:  The people are frustrated.  Some main party voters are frustrated also, and they're searching for answers, because they can see what we're doing now is not working.  Most voters are hard working Americans that are paying the majority of taxes, and they are not receiving money or benefits from the government.  Perhaps, this ONE idea may be the one thing that is simple enough to resonate with voters. If a party (or all third parties combined) championed this ONE simple idea, they may possibly acquire more support then ever before.   This idea is probably the one thing that some politicians hope the people will never discoverSo spread the message.
(09) A  BETTER  VOTING  SYSTEM:  We need more choices.  The two main parties have effectively limited our choices to them alone, and they simply take turns gettin' theirs, votin' on pork-barrel, graft, and being irresponsible and unaccountable.  Perhaps a change in the voting system should be considered too.  Perhaps, something similar to the Approval Voting System .  It may provide a better  voting system, and it would also allow for more voting choices (candidates)The  Approval Voting System is a more democratic voting system, that not only provides more choices (i.e. candidates), but also increases voter turn-out, provides minorities better representation, increases chances of the strongest candidate, eliminates the "Spoiler Effect" and the  "Wasted Vote Syndrome" , reduces negative campaigning, and focuses more on issues than geographical areas.  Some nations are already using this type of voting system. 
(10) FREEDOM  and  ABUNDANCE:  Many other subsequent improvements will naturally follow, and the country would flourish and prosper knowing it has a plan, and is on a better path. Perhaps, taxes could be lower, while still providing for the truly needy, a strong national defense, better law enforcement and protection, and equal opportunity for all citizens. 
(11) IS  WHAT  WE'RE  DOING  NOW  WORKING ?:   Some say the definition of insanity is repeatedly doing the same thing, and expecting a different result.  Is what we're doing working?  Isn't it about time for the people to also be responsible and do one simple thing that may peacefully bring about a more transparent, accountable, and responsible government?  If government continues to be irresponsible, what was lostEven if it doesn't work, if nothing changes, then no harm has been done?   With record level deficits, pork-barrel spending, mismanagement of Social Security, Congress voting themselves raises during it (9 times between 1997 and 2007), does anyone need more proof that the system needs a jolt to somehow bring about a balance of power (not simply shift it) between government and the people? Nothing else seems to be working. 
(12) REDUCES  THE  INFLUENCE  OF   BIG  MONEY  IN  ELECTIONS:   Voting for lesser known non-incumbent candidates helps to reduce the influence of big money in campaigns (i.e. from those that really hold the reins of power, that attempt to buy and own seats in government; government should not be for sale). 
When is it OK for voters to vote for incumbents ?
ANSWER: Only when there are no more irresponsible incumbents left.
Voters must always vote out (or recall) irresponsible incumbents.
At first , due to the current, severe lack of transparency, voters may find it difficult to know which incumbents are responsible, and which are not.  If in doubt, vote them out, or
research it further.  The fact is, few (if any) are responsible.  Few (if any) don't vote for pork-barrel, don't troll for campaign money, don't prevent newcomers from passing badly-needed, common-sense reforms, and don't look the other way.

In time, incumbents will get the message, and voters will then be able to know who is or is not responsible because of the reforms that are passed to increase transparency (e.g. One-Purpose-Per-BILL, Campaign-Finance-Reform, Election Reform, Tax-Reform, Balanced-Budget-Reform, etc.), accountability, and responsibility.

Thus, the answer is when:
(a) incumbents are transparent, accountable, and responsible.
(b) incumbents adequately address the nation's most pressing problems, pass badly-needed, common-sense, responsible reforms and  increase transparency so that voters know exactly who to hold accountable.

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  Plundered Environment (pollution, population, and diminishing arable land)
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