Concerned about IDentity theft ?  Think it is getting out of control  ?  It's one of the fastest growing crimes in the U.S.

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Good uses for Biometric IDentification:
x drivers licenses
x pass ports, visas
x voting
x banks, credit cards, checking, check writing, ATMs
x office buildings, work areas
x time-in/time-out (e.g. similar to time cards)
x access to homes, apartments
x access to public airlines, mass transit systems
x access to public buildings, courts, hospitals, etc.
x access to public and private buildings
x access to public and private schools, universities
x access to laboratories
x access to storage / supply / inventory rooms
x access to safes
x access to medical information
x access to personal information / property
x access to secret, classified, proprietary information
x access to computer systems
x access to weapons and weapon systems
x access to vehicles, machines, instruments
x access to any area where restricted access is required
x pilot licenses, law-enforcement licenses, medical licenses, etc.
x tracking non-citizens with expired visas
x tracking criminals
x tracking repeat offenders trespassing national borders illegally