Violations  of  the  U.S.  Constitution

One of the Supreme Court's favorite dodges these days is "no standing" (as in the recent ACLU/NSA case and the FISA BILL on wire-tapping without a warrant, and Walker v. Members of Congress).

The Supreme Court should be renamed to the "Supreme Catch-22 Court".

For example, consider the following constitutional violations (just to name a few; this is most likely not a complete list; please add violations and examples to the list if you know of other violations):

  1. the flagrant violation of Article 1:  
  2. the violation of Article 1, Section 9: 
  3. the flagrant violation of Article 3, Section 1: 
  4. the violation of Article 4, Section 4 (protect states against invasion); borders are wide open;
  5. the flagrant violation of Article 5 of the U.S. Constitution by all 535 members of Congress (see FOAVC.ORG and Walker vs. Members of Congress);
  6. the many flagrant violations of oath of office per Article 6;
  7. the violation of the 1st Amendment:  passage of laws providing federal tax revenues to be provided to faith based organizations;
  8. the violation of the 2nd Amendment:  the right to bear arms; only recently did the Supreme Court finally uphold the 2nd Amendment by rejecting Washington D.C.'s ban on hand gun ownership for the past 32 years.
  9. the flagrant violation of the 4th Amendment (search and seizure without a warrant);
  10. 5th Amendment: flagrant legal plunder via eminent domain abuses (Supreme Court upholds abuse of eminent domain abuse); 6.8 new cases per day;
  11. and substantial arguments could also be made for the violation of the following:
  12. 16th Amendment Also, many people are claiming that the 16th Amendment was never ratified by three-fourths of the states? I'm not sure whether this is true (or not).  At any rate, we need taxation that is fair and non-regressive.  The current tax system is unfair and regressive .
  13. 17th Amendment:   Was the 17th Amendment really ratified by three-fourths of the states ?  
  14. the violation of U.S. law and international treaty (Geneva Convention):  torture
  15. False statements and/or incompetence (e.g. transcript and video?
    Especially when considering the massive loss of life and limbs for a war based on non-existent WMD ?
    Then followed by a multitude of blunders?
    Isn't it somewhat hypocritical to trump-up the threat of Iraq to the U.S. when our borders are wide-open and more, and more Americans have been murdered by illegal aliens in the U.S. in the last 3 years, than all U.S. troops killed in Iraq in 5 years since the invasion of Iraq in March, 2003 ?   Thousands of Americans are being murdered every year by illegal aliens, whose anonymity encourages and breeds more crime (illegal aliens being repeatedly arrested, released, and deported).  29% of all people incarcerated in U.S. federal prisons are illegal aliens!   32% of all illegal aliens receive welfare.  50% of illegal aliens pay no income taxes.  Not counting the untold cost of crime, disease, and millions of displaced jobs, illegal aliens are costing middle-class Americans an estimated $70 Billion to $338 Billion in net losses (per year).