Public Education is:
(01) declining in quality.
(02) drastically increasing in cost.
(03) yielding below average scores in most subjects (compared to many other nations).
(04) resulting in declining numbers of American students that are pursuing degrees in engineering, science, and mathematics.
(05) being undermined by the funneling of taxes into private education.
(06) being undermined by parents that have stripped almost all authority from the teachers.  Classrooms are out-of-control, making learning difficult for those that want to learn.  Teachers must have authority to restore order to the classroom.  After most of the students have come to understand discipline, rules, authority, order, and respect, the number of incidents of violence in schools and in society may  decline.

(01) Make the school-year  year-round.
(02) Get rid of the excessive, top-heavy, do-nothing administration; there are too many over-paid administrators.  Limit administrative costs to 10% (or less).
(03) Implement computerized, interactive training and teaching (with audio and video, and various input mechanisms such as microphones, touch-screens, and the usual keyboard and mouse):
  • Interactive, computerized education can let students learn at their own speed.
  • Lessons can be created by the best teachers. Each lesson would test and retest to ensure the subject matter was fully grasped.
  • Graphics and video can provide more memorable examples than text on a page.
  • It could be a wide-open industry for computer game programmers. In fact, some lessons could become a game, or contest. Learning could be made to be much, much more fun and memorable. But it would also be cost effective, because one computer program could teach tens of millions of students.
  • Eliminates the need for textbooks (saving money). Instead, more information can be provided online, and accessible from public libraries also.
  • The role of teachers would change; more one-on-one counseling than standing in front of a class reading out of the book, putting everyone to sleep.
  • Biometrics (e.g. finger prints) could be used to discourage cheating.
(04) Make physical fitness a higher priority.  Physical fitness improves mental fitness too.  But limit the profit-driven sports department (e.g. football, basketball, etc.), which should be funded entirely by boosters and ticket sales, and in no way becomes a drain on any tax dollars.
(05) Stop repeatedly rewarding irresponsible incumbent politicians with 85%-to-90% re-election rates, because few (if any) reforms and improvements are possible without first addressing these 10+ abuses that are hammering most Americans.

  Unless the United States successfully faces the technological revolution with its own education revolution, a slide into second tier, third world status is not unfathomable.

Continuing advances in technology will NOT only put an ever increasing burden on the education systems, but the younger generation as well, because there is going to be more and more to learn just to function in society!  Competing in a world economy is getting more competitive and more complex.

Those are just some common-sense suggestions that could be implemented almost immediately. However, there will be forces that will oppose these changes (for nefarious reasons).  Over-paid and over-bloated public education administrations will fight it.  Students won't want to lose their 3 months off in the summer.  Neither will many teachers.

One thing is certain, however:  any nation that leads in the computerization of education will lead in every other field also.

The Problem and the Solution (account for the human factor)
CONGRESS' To-Do List (see what Congress has done since the NOV-2006 election)
10+_Abuses that did not come about by mere coincidence, resulting in these decaying economic conditions.
Irresponsible Incumbents (what irresponsible incumbent politicians do while troops risk life and limb)
PROs and CONs (why to stop re-electing irresponsible incumbent politicians)
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Debt and Excessive Money-Printing (Inflation, Massive Debt, and Excessive Money-Printing)
Consider the Following Scenario (must we always learn the hard way)?
Solutions (common-sense, no-brainer reforms that politicians resist)
Help  Educate  Others (peacefully force government to be responsible and accountable too!)
Badly-Needed, Common-Sense Reforms
The Cheater's Philosophy (learn to recognize clever control mechanisms)
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