F_A_C_T_O_R_s     t_o    C_O_N_S_I_D_E_R  ._._.

Recessions in the U.S. for the last 46 years have been occurring every 2 to 11 years. 
The following could make recovery from the next recession more difficult, and possibly turn into the next depression.
The United States has many problems, growing in number and severity.
But, our Bought-and-Paid-For, Look-the-Other-Way, irresponsibleDo-Nothing CONGRESS is FOR-SALE, and ignores those problems.

In a voting nation,  education is paramount.
The voters education is already in the pipeline.
Voters will get their education one way or another:

= the smart, peaceful, responsible way,
= or the hard, painful way.

Can a country commit suicide ? 
Can the leaders of America kill this country ?
Can uneducated or uncaring voters sit by and do nothing,  bringing more pain and misery upon themselves and their fellow citizens?
Yes.  That is exactly what too many voters are doing by rewarding and empowering too many irresponsible incumbent politicians, by repeatedly  re-electing them, giving them a cu$hy 90%+ re-election rate, and numerous unfair advantages to make their incumbency more secure.

[01]   War in Iraq and Afghanistan:  The high cost of war (life, limbs, serious injuries, monetary costs, etc.);
[02]   80% National Debt to GDP  is up from 33% in year 1980.  Social Security and Medicare are pay-as-you-go, with a 78 million baby boomer bubble approaching, hundreds of billions of unfunded Medicare and Medicaid liabilities, and hundreds of billions of unfunded liabilities for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan).  The National Debt per-capita has never been higher (66% higher than in year 1945 after World War II in inflation adjusted dollars).
[03]   $Loading...  National Debt continues to grow to nightmare proportions. At only 2.5% interest, that much debt could 222 years to merely pay down 33% of the original principal debt.
[04]   Deficits continue to grow. Future generations are being burdened with MASSIVE debt. This may be the massive price younger generations will pay for not voting wisely or, like many younger voters, not voting at all.
[05]   $57 trillion nation-wide debt (in 2008 Dollars) has never been higher (also as a percentage (361%) of GDP (based on $13.86 Trillion GDP in year 2007).  And no one can tell us where the money to pay the interest will come from, much less the money to reduce the debt, when that money does not yet exist, and 80% of all Americans own only 17% of all wealth in the U.S.
[06]   Environment:   If we mess up our environment, all of the other things on this page may not matter much. 
  • Arable Land (land that can grow crops) Of the Earth's 57 million square miles of land, approximately 12 million square miles are arable.  However, arable land is being lost at the rate of over 38,610 square miles per year.  At that rate, all arable land could be lost in 310 years !  (12 million square miles / 38,610 square miles per year).
  • Global Warming:  Pollution and damage to the atmosphere, land, and water is a growing problem.  Trillions of tons of green-house gases are being released into the atmosphere.  Depletion of the ozone is destroying our protection against harmful radiation and global warming.  The current scientific consensus is that most global warming since year 1950 is most likely attributable to human activities. The extent of this consensus was the subject of a study (published in December 2004 in the journal Science) of  928 refereed abstract scientific articles in the Institute for Scientific Information citation database identified with the keywords "global climate change".  This study concluded that 75% of the 928 articles either explicitly or implicitly accepted the consensus view.
  • World Over-Population: Many areas can not sustain their populations, resulting in poverty, starvation, disease, crime, etc.  How many people can the planet support.  The current world population of 6.7 billion people is growing by 211,000 per day!   That's only 5.46 acres per person!  By 2039 (in only 32 years), at the current exponential rate of growth, the population could grow to 13 billion. That's only 2.81 acres per person!   And the U.S. population is growing faster than most nations in the world (largely due to illegal immigration).
[07]   Illegal Immigration:   29% of our 2.2 million prison population are illegal aliens!  Thousands of people have been murdered, or are victims of other crimes by illegal aliens. While most illegal aliens merely come to the U.S. for work, many do not.  32% of illegal aliens receive welfare. Crime is just a portion of the many problems stemming from massive, uncontrolled, illegal immigration.  Illegal aliens create a huge net loss of an estimated $70 billion to $338 Billion per year, and burden our education, hospital, health care, welfare, Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, border patrol, prison, law enforcement, voting, CDC, and insurance systems (and, those net losses do not even include the massive cost of crime, disease, job displacement, etc.) Illegal aliens are also fraudulently voting by the millions in our elections. We can not grow, tax, immigrate, or print enough money to get out of the hole.  Large spending cuts will inevitably be required.
[08]   The size of the government has never been higher.  Government employs more people than all manufacturing.  And the severely over-bloated federal government continues to grow to nightmare proportions.
[09]   Government is FOR SALE.  Corruption in government is rampant.  Too many bought-and-paid-for politicians are controlled by big-money-donors (corporations).  Pork-barrel, graft, corporate welfare, waste, and money in politics is rampant.  Incumbents (who always out-number newcomers) refuse many badly-needed, common-sense reforms.  Voter fraud is out-of-control.   Gerrymandering is being used to defraud voters by manipulating the outcome of elections by manipulation of geographical boundaries.  Third parties and independents are being blocked from access to voting ballots.   83% of all federal campaign contributions (of $200 or more) come from a mere 0.15% of all 200 million eligible voters.  How is that fair to the remaining 99.85% of the U.S. citizens?   Our government is FOR-SALE. Incumbent politicians are bought-and-paid-for.  But, voters keep re-electing them ! ?   Yet,  U.S. veterans of war are not getting adequate medical care and promised benefits.
[10]   Healthcare is not only increasingly unaffordable, but dangerous.  Pharmaceutical corporations and the FDA are becoming pill pushers that are killing hundreds of thousands in the U.S. annually.  That does not even include the huge number of patients that are irreversibly damaged and maimed.  JAMA reported that over 2.2 million hospitalized patients in 1994 had serious Adverse Drug Reactions (ADRs) and 106,000 were fatal, making these drug reactions the 5th or 6th leading cause of death in the U.S.!     JAMA's conclusion was that "the incidence of serious and fatal ADRs in U.S. hospitals was found to be extremely high".  On 27-July-2004, HealthGrades.com reported that "An average of 195,000 people in the U.S. died due to potentially preventable, in-hospital medical errors in each of the years 2000, 2001 and 2002, according to a new study of 37 million patient records".   Part of the problem is the growing corpocrisy, corporatism, and influence of government by corporations.  Healthcare solutions are needed.
[11]   Trade deficits have never been higher.
[12]   Social Security and Medicare are both pay-as-you-go. The so-called surpluses are only non-marketable I.O.U.s.  The money has already been spent, leaving both systems  pay-as-you-go, with a 78 million baby boomer bubble approaching. There are looming shortfalls due to decades of plundering surpluses, and a decreasing ratio of contributing tax payers to the total number of Social Security recipients.   An aging population (78 million baby boomers) will exacerbate the Social Security and Medicare revenue shortfalls as the number of entitlement recipients increases relative to the decreasing the number of entitlement tax payers (and revenues).  78 million baby boomers will earn less income, pay less taxes, spend less, and start drawing benefits from already troubled Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid systems.  In year 1998, the average age of women in the U.S. is 81 years.  That is 16 years beyond the typical age of eligibility for Social Security and Medicare (i.e. age 65).  That means there are 13,175 persons (on average) becoming eligible for Social Security and Medicare per day!
  • The additional cost the first year is $43.3 billion (13,175 recipients per day x $9,000 of entitlements benefits per year per recipient x 365 days per year).
  • The additional cost is $43.3 billion per year more for the 1st year.
  • The additional cost is $86.6 billion per year more by the 2nd year.
  • The additional cost is $130 billion per year more by year 3.
  • The additional cost is $216 billion per year more by year 5.
  • There are already 45 million pre-existing Social Security and Medicare recipients.
  • That could climb significantly in only 5 years (13,175 recipients per day x 365 days per year x 5 years) = 24 million.
[13]   Medicare has never been in worse shape.  Medicare and Social Security are both pay-as-you-go. The so-called surpluses are only non-marketable I.O.U.s.  The money has already been spent, leaving both systems  pay-as-you-go, with a 78 million baby boomer bubble approaching. There are currently hundreds of billions of unfunded liabilities for Medicare, and Medicare fraud is rampant.  Medicare could easily become (if it hasn't already) a bigger problem than Social Security.
[14]   Poverty is growing.  All wealth belonging to 1% of the U.S. population has never been higher since the Great Depression of 1929
[15]   Foreign competition has never been higher (and becoming better educated too).
[16]   Global corpocrisy and corporatism, in-league with bought-and-paid-for government has never been worse.
[17]   Public Education is decreasing in quality and increasing in cost;
[18]   Falling numbers of college students pursuing engineering and science. Our own universities are graduating more foreign students in engineering and science;
[19]   brain drain; 7.8 million Americans have taken better paying jobs overseas; a problem exacerbated by the continuing crisis in American education; we are failing to educate our citizens to compete in a global economy;
[20]   Inflation is rising now, because the government and Federal Reserve are printing too much money. We have a bad monetary system. For the last 5 years, the U.S. Dollar has fallen significantly against all major currencies.
[21]   Federal Reserve (which is quasi-government controlled / privately owned) is printing too much money and increasing inflation. We have a bad monetary system.  That is why the U.S. Dollar has been falling like a rock for the last 7 years.  That is why the Consumer Price Index (CPI) looks like this.  On average, the government and Federal Reserve printed (between 1950 and 2000) $135 billion of new money per year ($370 million per day)!  In 1950 there was $150 billion of currency in circulation. By year 2000, it grew to $6.9 trillion.  That is a factor of 46 !   But, it is even worse now, since year 2000, because we now have to pay, due to growing debt, over $1 billion (or more) per day in interest alone on the $11.4 trillion National Debt.  The government is printing hundreds of billions of new money per year,  and borrowing the rest.  Our fiat funny-money monetary system represents nothing more than a dishonest form of hidden taxation. It is a dishonest, usurious pyramid-scheme.  When the government can print money at will, and does so irresponsibly (which it does), it is no different than a counterfeiter who illegally prints currency.  Our fiat funny-money monetary system especially hurts savers and those on fixed incomes, who find the value of their dollars steadily being eroded by the Fed's irresponsible, non-stop printing presses. 
For example,  at only  4.5% inflation,
 $100.00  becomes:

$96.35 in 01 year
$92.70 in 02 years
$89.05 in 03 years
$81.75 in 05 years  
$63.50 in 10 years
$45.25 in 15 years
$35.43 in 20 years
  That is why the double-digit inflation of the 1980's was so devastating, and what is making investors in the debt nervous
To really understand why the dishonest fiat funny-money monetary system is so popular among some utopian economists, the business community, bankers, and government officials (especially), you need to understand how it gives them the power and influence.  It puts money in their hands, first, early in the circulation cycle, before the currency loses its value due to inflation. This dishonest fiat funny-money system shifts the losses to others that don't understand how they are being cheater.  The poor and those dependent on fixed incomes can't keep up with the rising cost of living, and median incomes continue to fall.
[22]   China and Japan are getting nervous about buying more U.S. treasury securities, and have decided to start reducing their exposure to the falling U.S. dollar.
[23]   Median household incomes have been falling since year 1999.  Incomes have actually been falling since year 1978 if you also consider there are now more workers per household, more regressive taxation, and the disappearing 40-hour work-week.  Savings rates have fallen below negative 0.5% (the lowest level since year 1933).
[24]   Foreclosures nation-wide are rising and have been for over 3 years (220,000 foreclosures per month as of Feb-2008;  up from 70,000 in Feb-2005).
Home equities have fallen below 50% (the lowest level
since year 1945). 
Since year 2006, home ownership has fallen for middle-income and lower-income groups. Currently, home ownership is in a record plunge, and the 4th quarter of 2007 saw the biggest one-year drop (1.1%)
since tracking began in year 1965, as current mortgage problems and rising foreclosures take their toll. 
As of 06-Mar-2008, the mortgage delinquency rate of 5.82% was the highest rate in 23 years (
since year 1985).

   AUG-2008: 303,000 foreclosures
   JAN-2008: 250,000 foreclosures
   JAN-2007: 145,000 foreclosures
   JAN-2006: 105,000 foreclosures
   JAN-2005:   70,000 foreclosures
[25]   Treasury yield curve inverted in 2006. Historically, inversions of the yield curve have preceded many of the U.S. recessions. Due to this historical correlation, the yield curve is often seen as an accurate forecast of the turning points of the business cycle. And, by late 2007, early 2008, a recession in fact did begin.
[26]   Energy vulnerabilities, rising fuel, oil and energy costs.  Also, foreign competitors (e.g. China, India, Asia, etc.) are also competing for more oil, and other fuels, as their economies continue to grow at a very fast pace.
[27]   Eminent Domain Abuse:  tens of thousands of cases since year 2002 (i.e. legal plunder).
[28]   PBGC and pensions are over $450 billion in the hole (JAN-2005). 
[29]   The massive debt and all of the above reduces our options when we may need them most, destroys future opportunities, will make the next recovery from a recession more difficult, and increases the risk of a depression.
[30]   Skyrocketing property taxes.
[31]   The cost of Katrina may exceed $120 billion (aside from the loss of life).
[32]   Despite the billion$ being spent to research the problem, national security is a joke, since our sea ports and borders are almost wide-open.  The only reason we have not yet been attacked again is because terrorists do not yet have WMD (Weapons of Mass Destruction).  When they do, there is little to stop them.
[33]   40% to 50% (78 million) of 200 million eligible voters don't even bother to vote.  Those voters are complacent, apathetic, or resigned to the futility of voting and do not feel that voting is worthwhile. But by not voting, they are empowering those that will take advantage of their apathy.  And many that do vote are misguided and seduced into petty partisan warfare.  Education is badly needed.
[34]   The people are not happy.  Polls show over 62% believe the nation is not moving in the right direction.  Voters give Congress dismal approval ratings (between 11% and 18%). However, most voters turn around and do a very strange thing:  they repeatedly reward Congress with 85% to 90% re-election rates.
[35]   The nation's pressing problems continue to grow in number and severity as our Do-Nothing Congress ignores them for years and decades, but still have time to give themselves another raise and cu$hy perk$.  But, the voters are culpable too, for repeatedly rewarding incumbent politicians with 85% to 90% re-election rates.
[36]   Do-Nothing Congress refuses to stop these 10+ abuses that have been cheating most Americans for 30+ years. 
Those abuses did not all come about by mere coincidence.
And the result is the growing wealth disparity gap; 1% of the population that owned 20% of all wealth in year 1976, now owns 40% of all wealth in year 2008 (never larger since the Great Depression).

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