l Uphold the Constitution.  All that government does is still governed by the U.S. Constitution. The Constitution is not written in stone, but the majority should never be able to change or pass laws that violate the basic rights of any individual. The government must uphold and operate within the limits of the U.S. Constitution.
l Demand that Congress stop blocking our Constitutional right to an Article V Convention.  
l Enforce the existing laws better, and stop creating new laws that are unnecessary, and duplicate numerous existing laws.
l Stop releasing sociopaths, pedophiles, rapists, murderers, and repeat offenders from prison to commit more crimes.
l Stop the frivolous law suits, meaningless class action law suits, and fraudulent personal injury law suits that some dishonest lawyers use to profit $millions from the misery of others.
l Stop IDentity theft. Implement a biometrics IDentification system, which is reliable, extremely difficult to falsify (i.e. fake, forge, counterfeit), and most likely to identify the true identity of a person. The most reliable method would be a combination of two or three (or more) of the following: iris-scan, retina-scan, finger-prints, toe-prints, height, voice-prints, hand-finger geometry, face-prints, DNA (when eventually sufficiently rapid and economical), and passwords (see links below for more about biometrics).
l Stop allowing corporations to cook the books and defraud investors.
l Remove the President's power to pardon convicted felons. No one should have the power to reverse the verdict of a jury. This abuse of power undermines the law and judicial systems, and is a direct insult to the judge and jury.
l Reduce the vast structure of the severely bloated, irresponsible, and unaccountable Executive Branch, which has over 2 million employees that are neither seen nor heard as they throttle our freedoms and prosperity. The Executive Branch has grown drastically in the last 100 years.  Also reduce the relatively smaller Congress by eliminating many of their hundreds of thousands of employees.  Congress can not compare to the Executive Branch in number of employees, budget, and power.  Despite all the fumbling and stumbling of the Congress, the Executive Branch has far more influence (i.e. with the Media, special-interest groups, etc.) and poses a far greater danger to freedom.  One of the first steps toward totalitarianism, is the destruction of the parliamentary or legislative branches of governmentWe must send a clear message to government (all branches), vote them all out, and elect people who will take their oath of office to protect and enforce Constitution seriously, restore the balance of power, and immediately reduce the bloated Executive Branch and Congress.
l Stop illegal immigration. Stop allowing illegal aliens to trespass our national borders. 

The rights of foreigners, that illegally trespass our borders, do not trump the rights of a sovereign nation to secure their own border.  The U.S. is not for the public use of the rest of the world no more than your home is for the public use by anyone that isn't invited. 

Illegal aliens are burdening our education, healthcare, welfare, Medicaid, Medicare, Social Security, law enforcement, insurance systems, voting, and prison systems.  Many drive all about without automobile insurance or drivers' licenses.  They also bring disease and crime with them. 

The primary purpose of government is to provide for the national defense. 
That is the purpose of the homeland security. 
But our irresponsible government neglects the illegal aliens pouring across the borders.
Democrats want votes.
Republicans want cheap labor for greedy employers of illegal aliens.
So, voters get cheated, to the tune of $70 billion per year in net losses.

The U.S. could easily secure the borders with resources we already have.  We could simply position 153,000 border patrol persons (a mere 5.9% of the total of  2.6 million of our active military, guard, and reserves) along the borders where they could be more effective toward the goal of national security and defense.

The U.S./Canada border (about 4000 miles) and the U.S./Mexico border (about 2,000 miles) could both (about 6,000 miles combined) be secured with a fence and 3000 posts (fixed or mobile; each spaced about 2 miles apart; denser in some areas than others) with a maximum of 51 border patrol persons per post (17 persons per 8 hour shift per post).  That is one patrol person about every 621 feet (i.e. about the length of two football fields), or 8 patrol persons per mile. 

Also, the borders could have a fence and/or road that is patrolled with vehicles and monitored with cameras, thermal, night vision, seismic, and motion sensors. For more details and estimated costs, see: .

We can and should stop allowing illegal trespassers to cross our national borders. 

A biometrics IDentification system, patrols, helicopters, unmanned aerial vehicles, remote cameras, radar, laser, sonar, thermal, seismic, and other sensors and technology could greatly enhance the ability to secure the borders also.  And, the Coast Guard could patrol the coast lines.  What good is a massive armed forces of 2.6 million (active military, Guard, and Reserves) if we don't even use a small percentage (less than 1%) of the troops to protect our nation's borders?    

See?  It is not as far fetched as some want you to believe it is, it would use resources we already have, it would not be that expensive, and it would make the nation safer. 

If you think illegal aliens pose no threat to American citizens, then please read the following. These are crimes that could have been prevented.
l Stop these  10+ abuses  causing these deteriorating 17+ economic conditions (some of the worse ever and/or since the 1930s and 1940s).
l Also, ALL laws should be based upon and derived from two fundamental LAWs:
  (a A person has the right to do anything they wish as long as they do not violate the inalienable rights of another. Live and let Live.
  (b) Force is never justified except for self defense and bringing criminals to justice (i.e. those who violate (a) above).