Never  Worse  Ever  and/or  Since  the  1930s  and  1940s . . .

These 10 abuses  (which did not all come about by mere coincidence), so much nation-wide debt (e.g. $57 Trillion),  and too many voters repeatedly rewarding too many irresponsible incumbent politicians in do-nothing Congress with 85%-to-90% re-election rates,  and the following (below) have never been worse ever and/or since the 1930s and 1940s:
  1. Total federal government debt ($14.5 Trillion as of JULY-2011) per-capita has never been larger.  Also, there are no surpluses in the Social Security and Medicare systems (only non-marketable I.O.U.s).  Social Security and Medicare are pay-as-you-go systems.  The money coming into those systems have been spent and replaced with I.O.U.s, leaving both pay-as-you-go, with the beginning of a 78 million baby-boomer bubble (that's 13,175 new recipients per day!).  The U.S. is also dangerously dependent on foreign loans.  Over the past few decades, foreigners have been buying up huge amounts of U.S. debt, which is propping up the U.S. Dollar.  But how long can that last, when the U.S. federal government and the Federal Reserve are borrowing and/or creating new money out of thin air?   What will happen to the U.S. Dollar when these foreign nations stop funding the U.S.' rampant borrowing and spending?  

    As of JULY-2011, the federal National Debt per-person is $46,474, which is 2.1 times more than the previous record-high (which was $22,099 in year 1945, after World War II, in 2011 dollars).
    As of JULY-2011, the federal National Debt per-person is $46,474, which is 8.2 times more than the it was near the end of the Great Depression (which was $5,674 in year 1941 in 2011 dollars).
    Population in year 1941 = about 133 Million; National Debt = $49 Billion = $752 Billion in 2011 Dollars
    Population in year 1945 = about 140 Million; National Debt = $259 Billion = $3.25 Trillion in 2011 Dollars
    Population in year 2011 = about 312 Million;

  2. Total personal household debt nation-wide ($13.8 Trillion as of year 2008) has never been larger, both in size and as a percentage of the $15.1 Trillion GDP (as of 2011).
    What will happen when most Americans are already so deep in debt and unable to borrow any more? 
    Like playing the game of Monopoly where one player can print all the money they want, how long will it be until most (if not all) people are broke or deep in debt?   While the wealthy may also become less wealthy, and after the currency has crashed, the wealthy will still own most of all wealth in the U.S., because they will have converted their wealth to land, property, real-estate, gold, and other assets that retain value.  However, most Americans will suffer significantly by the erosion of their wages, savings, pensions, and entitlements due to the incessant erosion of the currency, and their savings.

  3. Total nation-wide debt ($57 Trillion) has never been larger, both in size and as a percentage of the $15.1 Trillion GDP (GDP=$15.1 Trillion in year 2011):

    QUESTION:  Where will the money come from to pay the interest on the $57 Trillion of nation-wide debt, much less the money to reduce the principal debt of $57 Trillion, when that money does not yet exist?

  4. Real median household incomes have fallen since year 1999, and have actually never been lower since year 1978 when also including the fact that:

  5. The current number of unemployed (13.2-to-30.7 Million as of MAR-2009) has never been worse since the Great Depression (12.83 Million). 
    Unemployment increased by over 500,000 in DEC-2008, by over 500,000 in JAN-2009, by 651,000 in FEB-2009, and is expected to grow higher throughout year 2009.
    Unemployment (as of FEB-2009) is at a 25 year record-high.

  6. Illegal immigration has never been worse and more costly, costing American citizens an estimated $70 Billion to $327 Billion annually in net losses. The problem has quadrupled since the amnesty of year 1986.  Hundreds of overrun hospitals have closed (60-to-84 in California alone), California is now laying off 20,000 teachers in the public school system.  29% of all people incarcerated in Federal prisons are illegal aliens. The politicians (despicably) capitalize on it in 3 ways:

  7. The wealth disparity gap has never been larger since year 1930.  The gap started growing larger, and has not stopped growing larger since year 1976.

  8. Taxation has been regressive since year 2000 (or before).  We have never had so many different kinds of taxes; many of which are regressive sales taxes.  The current tax code is ridiculously complex (by design) with a myriad of tax loop-holes that mostly benefit the wealthy.

  9. Home equities have never been lower (below 50%) since year 1945.

  10. Home ownership has fallen since year 2006 for low-income and middle-income groups. A study shows that only 59.6% of working class families owned their homes in 2003, lower than the 62.5% in year 1978. That is, home ownership is rising among the wealthy, while falling for most Americans that are losing wealth, losing equity, losing income, and losing their homes at record levels.  Currently, home ownership is in a record plunge, and the 4th quarter of 2007 had the biggest one-year drop (1.1%) since tracking began in year 1965.

  11. Foreclosures are at record levels:

  12. Average personal savings rates are negative (since year 2005), and have never been worse since 1933.

  13. Energy vulnerability:  high oil and energy prices, which have recently never been higher (both in nominal price and adjusted for inflation; worse than the spike in year 1981).  Despite some recent reduction in oils and fuel prices, the U.S. is still dangerously dependent on foreign oil.

  14. Federal government bloat has never been worse, and continues to grow to nightmare proportions. There are now more jobs in government than all manufacturing nation-wide.

  15. Global competition has never been stronger.  Trade deficits have never been larger (see China).  Transnational corporations want cheap labor (WageStagnation + CheapLabor = BigProfits).  Jobs are leaving the nation in droves; a trend that started in the early 1970s, and also helps to explain why real median household incomes have actually been falling since year 1978.  Also, while 6.7% unemployment doesn't sound bad, the jump from 5.0% to 5.5% (from April-2008 to May-2008) is the largest one-month increase in 34 years (source: U.S. Labor Dept.).  6.7% is the highest level of unemployment since year 1974, and it is expected by most analysts to rise by several more percentage points.  Also, since the population is growing by 5 million per year too, the number of unemployed is growing larger, even if the percentage doesn't. 

  16. Medicare has hundreds of billions of unfunded liabilities per year, which are being funded by more borrowing and debt.  It is not sustainable; especially with the approaching 77 million baby-boomer bubble. In year 2007, Medicare (16%) and Medicaid (7%) combined were 23% of the $2.7 Trillion federal budget.

  17. Inflation was higher in the mid-to-late 1970s and early 1980s, but we have had positive inflation since year 1956.  3% to 5% inflation doesn't sound bad, but when it is every year, it becomes exponential (i.e. 3% this year is really more than 3% of last year, which is more than 3% the year before, etc., etc., etc.). Thus, a 1950 U.S. Dollar is now worth less than 10 cents.  As of 16-JUL-2008, consumer prices have rose at a rate that has never been faster in the last 26 years.  In addition, inflation has been understated for several years, due to questionable modifications to the inflation calculations in year 1983 and year 1998: 

    The calculation was modified such that the weighting factors for some Consumer Price Index (CPI) components were increased for items falling in price, and decreased for items rising in price.
    Therefore, inflation (as of AUG-2008) is actually 15.6% (by the pre-1983 method), or 9.8% (by the pre-1998 method), instead of 5.37% by the current method.
    And year after year, the errors in the inflation numbers are compounded.

  18. Many manifestations of unchecked greed: 

  19. Other exacerbating problems are:

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