Start simplifying government by allowing only ONE-PURPOSE-PER-BILL.
That is, only allow one or more items that are necessary for the one purpose of the one BILL.
This will reduce the pork-barrel and graft that sneak into  BILLs, in which pork-barrel consisting of numerous unrelated items is hidden within thousands of pages that few (if anyone, much less voters) reads or scrutinizes.

This will increase transparency and allow voters to easily see how and why politicians voted for or against a BILL.  It will increase  accountability, and responsibility.   It is not acceptable (and far too convenient; by design) for politicians to make excuses about the reasons for voting for or against any BILL because so many unscrupulous politicians have sneaked many unrelated earmarks into a BILL.  Voters should hold politicians accountable for everything in every BILL.  If politicians don't like that, then they should pass a
ONE-PURPOSE-PER-BILL amendment, and stop sneaking unrelated legislation into BILLs.

Voters should not allow yet another clever mechanism for incumbent politicians to shirk responsibility by claiming no responsibility for portions of a BILL.  Currently, it's nearly impossible to know why a politician voted for or against a BILL.   It has become a popular mechanism (by design) for hiding excessive pork-barrel, graft, bribes, corporate welfare, waste, and corruption.

There are many other such simplifications and common-sense, no-brainer, and responsible reforms that would increase transparency and accountability.  Of course, incumbent politicians resist such common-sense reforms, or anything that will reduce their opportunities for self-gain, or reduce the security of their cu$hy, coveted seats of abused power.

However,  no reforms will ever be possible until voters remember to do the one simple, common-sense, no-brainer, non-partisan, inexpensive, safe, peaceful and responsible thing that voters were supposed to be doing, all along: 


   Stop  repeat  offenders.
   Do  not  re-elect  irresponsible  incumbent  politicians.

Education is the first step, to understand the importance of Transparency, Accountability.  Otherwise, abuse of Power breeds corruption.

  Pressing Problems Facing the U.S.
  CONGRESS' To-Do List (see what Congress has done since the NOV-2006 election)
  The Growing Disparity Trend (these did not all come about by mere coincidence over the last 30+ years)
  Irresponsible Incumbents (see what Congress does while troops risk life and limb)
PROs and CONs (why to stop re-electing irresponsible incumbent politicians)
National Debt (and growing fast)
  Interest on the National Debt (it will take 143 years to pay off)
Consider the Following Scenario and these existing factors (must we always learn the hard way?)
  Solutions (simple 9 point plan to increase transparency and accountability)
  Badly-Needed, Common-Sense Reforms (that can never be passed until voters make it happen)
  The Cheater's Philosophy (learn to identify them)
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