C_O_N_G_R_E_S_S'     T_O_-_D_O    L_I_S_T

. . .

  (01) Lawlessness, Government  Corruption,  Waste,  and  Incompetence:
  • Constitutional violations:  Congress is violating Article V of the U.S. Constitution, despite 730+ amendment applications by the state legislatures of ALL 50 states.
  • Corruption and mismanagement within government is threatening the future and security of the nation.  While it is not the responsibility of the government to take care of people from cradle-to-grave,  it is the responsibility of the government to enforce the laws, tax fairly,  manage the monetary system responsibly,  not peddle influence,  not cater only to those that abuse vast amounts of money to control government, and provide for the national defense.  For decades, the government has been failing us miserably in most, if not all of those areas.  And, we are failing ourselves by rewarding and empowering those irresponsible incumbent politicians by   repeatedly re-electing them, and allowing the nation's pressing problems to grow in number and severity.
  • Pork-Barrel,  graft,  bribes,  corporate welfare,  and  waste  is costing U.S. tax-payers hundreds of billions per year.  Yet, it continues as government continues to grow ever larger to nightmare proportions.   What is needed to reduce pork-barrel is a no-brainer, common-sense solution:    ONE-PURPOSE-PER-BILL .
  • Eminent Domain Abuse is a classic example of  legal plunder via perversion of the laws to do the very things the laws were supposed prevent.  And, sadly, it was upheld by the U.S. Supreme Court.
  • Revolving Door Syndrome: While innocent people are being incarcerated (and even executed occasionally; 23 since year 1900), repeat offenders are released repeatedly to commit the same crimes of rape, child molestation, and murder, over and over.
  • Campaign Finance Reform Government is essentially FOR-SALE.  99.85% of all 200 million eligible voters are vastly out-spent by a very tiny 0.15% of all eligible voters who  make 83% of all federal campaign donations (of $200 or more), and abuse vast wealth to control and influence government.  90% of elections are won by the candidate that spends the most money, giving rise to an elitist and arrogant government.   1% of the wealthiest in the U.S. have 40% (and growing) of all wealth in the nation.  Some abuse vast amounts of money to control government, and rob the middle-to-lower-class-income groups of an equal voice in government.   Irresponsible Incumbent politicians are bought-and-paid-for, but unfortunately, too many voters continue to repeatedly reward those same politicians with 95%-to-88% re-election rates.
  • Election Reform:  What good is voting if voters can't get an accurate vote-count?   How can an accurate vote be obtained without accurate identification to prove citizenship and eligibility to vote?   If Automated Teller Machines (ATMs) can dispense cash reliably and update bank balances, why can't voting machines reliably count votes, provide a paper trail, and provide each voter with a unique number to match to a database listing and record of the votes?  Unfair and illegal barriers are preventing third party candidates from getting access to election ballots, limiting voting choices and candidates, and helping to increase the security of the incumbent politicians' incumbencies, as evidenced by Congress' 85%-to-90% re-election rates, and 90% of elections are won by the candidate that spends the most  money.  And  Gerrymandering is defrauding the voters via deceptive manipulation of geographical boundaries.  Also, the winner-take-all style elections are not providing the best choices to voters, which could be improved by an Approval Voting system.
  • Dysfunctional and Corrupt Legal System:  The legal system is dysfunctional, and applies the laws selectively.  Some people are above the law,  such as the many politicians that often receive presidential pardons.  Even if ever indicted, convicted, and incarcerated, they can get a presidential pardon.  Who says crime doesn't pay?   Too many greedy, corrupt, and parasitic ambulance chasers,  and idiotic juries allowing astronomical judgments for personal injury litigation with million$ and billion$ going to lawyers (a manifestation of unchecked greed),  is bankrupting systems and making healthcare unaffordable.  Identity theft is the fastest growing crime in the U.S., because there is no reliable form of identification (e.g. biometrics, such as iris and/or finger-print and/or voice-print, and/or hand-print, and/or thermal facial geometry patterns, etc.).  
  • Median Incomes incomes have fallen since 1999.  Income levels are not the responsibility of the government,  but it is the responsibility of the government to enforce the laws to discourage  corporate fraud,  cooking the books (i.e. the SEC has failed to regulate and prosecute all violators),  investor fraudstock fraud,  monopolies,  abuse by corporations to cheat employees and consumers,  stop illegal immigration,  stop discrimination,  and other manifestations of unchecked greed that all amount to warfare on most American workers.
  • The 40 hour work week is now more like 50+ hours (and also, typically 2 workers per household) for those that still have a job, with companies laying off workers and expecting the remaining workers to fill the gap.
  • Globalization and outsourcing is contributing to falling incomes, increasing foreign competition, and declined manufacturing in the U.S.  Will Americans forget how to make anything?  Could the massive loss of our manufacturing base possibly become an issue of national security?   It is a  race to the bottom.  It's not strictly a global village.  It's more like global pillage.  Government is selling out its citizens and catering only to some that abuse vast amounts of money to control government.
  • A tiny 1% of the total U.S. population of 305 million now has 40% (and growing) of all wealth (up 20% since 1980).  From 2002 to 2006, many corporations were reporting record profits, while median wages have fallen since 1999.  The low and middle-income-classes are being squeezed.  It all reads like a "How To for Dummies" book on "How, As a Nation, To Commit Suicide".  By the way, the U.S. Congress has given itself a raise 9 times between 1997 to 2009 (even while unemployment is growing ever larger; up to 10.2% unemployment as of OCT-2009 by the federal government's own statistics which are most likely understated).  
      Years with Raises   Salary  Speaker of the House,  President Pro Tempore of the  Senate,  Majority/Minority Leaders
    1997 $133,600 per annum    $148,400 per annum
    1998 $136,673 per annum    $151,813 per annum
    2000 $141,300 per annum    $156,900 per annum for Leaders; $181,400 per annum for Speaker
    2002 $150,000 per annum    $161,200 per annum for Leaders; $186,300 per annum for Speaker
    2003 $154,700 per annum    $166,700 per annum for Leaders; $192,600 per annum for Speaker
    2004 $158,100 per annum    $175,700 per annum for Leaders; $203,000 per annum for Speaker
    2005 $162,100 per annum    $180,100 per annum for Leaders; $208,100 per annum for Speaker
    2006 $165,200 per annum    $183,500 per annum for Leaders; $212,100 per annum for Speaker
    2007 $168,000 per annum    $186,600 per annum for Leaders; $215,700 per annum for Speaker
  • Foreclosures (nationwide) are rising, and have been for the last two years (846,982 in 2005, over 1.2 million in 2006, 2.0 million in 2007, and 220,000 per month in the first part of year 2008). 
  • Inflation is eroding the U.S. Dollar, due to the dishonest, usurious, inflationary, monetary system which is really an upside-down pyramid-scheme, as evidenced by the fact that no one can answer one simple question:  Where the money will come from to merely pay the INTEREST on $57 Trillion of nation-wide debt, much less the money to reduce the PRINCIPAL and keep it from growing ever larger to nightmare proportions, when that money does not yet exist (e.g. DEBT = PRINCIPAL + INTEREST)?   See more about this below. 
  • 580,000 jobs (net) were lost between 2000-to-2006, and many of the jobs created since (several hundred thousand) were within the government, which continues to grow and grow to nightmare proportions.   There are now more jobs within government than manufacturing.  Unemployment statistics are difficult to measure and government often attempts to under-report unemployment.
  • There are signs of growing poverty.  The lower and middle-income-classes are getting squeezed. 
  • The disparity trend is worsening, and these numerous abuses did not all come about by mere coincidence over the last 30+ years.
  • Habeas Corpus
  • Torture; water-boarding is already illegal, based on the U.S. laws and International Treaty.
  • Crime rates are increasing (after falling for many years).
  • Yet, despite all of the above (such as Congress giving itself a raise 9 times between 1997 and 2007), it is a disgrace that many U.S. veterans of war are not receiving adequate medical care and promised benefits (while Congress does this).


  (02) War and Terrorism:  The unnecessary invasion of Iraq was a mistake (i.e. no Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)), and worsened by many subsequent blunders, numerous false statements, a lack of understanding of the region that could have easily been obtained from the CIA World Fact Book years before the invasion, an unwillingness to listen to advice, trying to fight a war on-the-cheap, and making military decisions for political reasons (a misuse of the military; U.S. troops deserve much better).   And, Homeland Security is a farce when our ports and borders are nearly wide-open.  When terrorists really do lay their hands on WMD, there will be nothing to stop them.  Then there is the serious matter of Afghanistan, Iran, North Korea and proliferation of nuclear, chemical, biological weapons; matters that are exacerbated by a foreign policy that alienates allies.
  (03) Illegal Immigration:  State and federal governments refuse to enforce existing laws, refuse to prosecute employers of illegal aliens, refuse to stop illegal immigration, and refuse to  secure the borders or ports. A corrupt and impoverished neighbor refuses to help.  Illegal immigration is a net loss of over $70 billion per year to U.S. citizens (not including the massive cost of crime, job displacement, disease, etc.).  While most illegal aliens merely come here for work, 29% of our prison population are illegal aliens, and 32% receive welfare.   Most Americans want illegal immigration stopped now and do not want another amnesty program (a.k.a. guest-worker program) that will quadruple the problem like the amnesty of 1986.  It is despicable how irresponsible incumbent politicians have ignored the problem for decades in pursuit of cheap-labor and the support of their big-money-donor puppeteers (greedy employers of illegal aliens), and now pit American citizens and illegal aliens against each other. 
  (04) The massive $Loading...  National Debt, borrowing, spending, and money-printing has the real potential to cause an economic meltdown.  Even if the federal government stopped borrowing and the growth of the debt (currently $1.6 billion per day), and started paying back about $1.061 billion per day, it would take over 150 years to pay off the National Debt!  If the federal government simply stopped borrowing, the national debt would still continue to grow by over $1 billion per day due to interest alone!   Some will argue that the National Debt is not that large when compared to GDP, but that's a deceptive argument, since the National Debt is only a portion of the total $22 trillion of federal debt.   Still, the National Debt alone is up from 33% of GDP in 1980 to 63% of GDP in 2006 The federal national debt per-capita has never been worse (ever)!   This much debt destroys opportunity, and leaves us with fewer options when we may need them most.  It makes the recovery of any inevitable recession, or depression (or worse) more difficult and painful. 
  (05) REGRESSIVE taxation:  
  • Tax ReformThe current federal income tax system is effectively REGRESSIVE due to numerous tax loop holes and ridiculous complexity which makes it ripe for abuse. This is why Warren Buffet, the 2nd wealthiest person in the U.S., pays a lower tax rate (e.g. 17.7% in federal taxes on $46 Million in year 2006), than his secretary (who paid 30% in federal taxes on $60,000 and paid in year 2006).  But, if you think the current tax system is bad, it could get even worse.  Look at the following 91 Congress persons who are advocating the severely REGRESSIVE un-FairTax.org's 30% National Sales Tax.  Fall for this REGRESSIVE tax system, and the disparity trend of the last 30+ years will get much worse.  Ask yourself two questions:  (1) WHO will absolutely love this 30% National Sale Tax system? , and (2) WHY ?   Here's a better, more simple, and more fair 17% Income Tax System that doesn't require vast changes, and doe not tax spending only (NOTE: all sales taxes are typically and historically REGRESSIVE unless everyone spends an equal percentage of their income, revealing the fundamental flaw in taxing spending).

  • We have too many taxes on too many things that are all like hidden sales taxes.  All sales taxes are  REGRESSIVE.  We have dozens and dozens of REGRESSIVE sales taxes (city, state, county sales taxes, fuel taxes, telephone excise taxes and fees, etc.); all sales taxes are REGRESSIVE.  Yet, that doesn't stop these 91 Congress persons (mostly Republicans) from advocating an extremely unfair, fraudulent, and regressive 30% National Sales Tax/Rebate system.    
  • Caps (e.g. currently $97,500 in year 2006) on Social Security taxes is a REGRESSIVE tax. The wealthy collect Social Security, but they do not contribute proportionately with respect to income.   The argument for the cap is that the wealthy pay more in than they will ever receive back.  So?  Social Security and Medicare are subsistence systems.  Not a retirement system in which the government is merely holding your money for you until you retire.  Therefore, if we are going to have a Social Security and Medicare system, we should all pay an equal percentage.  Otherwise, the system is REGRESSIVE.
  • Property taxes in many cases are REGRESSIVE, since (like all sales taxes are REGRESSIVE), as income decreases, the property tax increases (as a percentage of income).  Also, property taxes are double, triple, quadruple, quintuple, . . . , N-tuple taxation because it is repeated every year!   A home owner is taxed every year on what the home owner already owns.  A $100K house can be taxed $2K every year.  That is $10K after only 5 years.  And to make matters worse, property taxes keep rising with inflation.  In only 20 years, your total property taxes could exceed the original price of the property.  And rising rates are running some people out of their homes.  It forces the elderly to downsize and sell homes they have lived in for many years to reduce their annual property tax.  Skyrocketing property taxes are running many people out of their homes, because they can no longer afford the ridiculously high, ever increasing taxes on the homes they already own.  Part of the problem is the rising cost of education due to excessive numbers of administrative personnel, and numerous burdens on many of our systems by illegal aliens (over-running our ERs, hospitals, schools, welfare, Medicaid, law enforcement, border patrol, prisons, and voting systems).
  (06) Inflation and the The Federal Reserve:  The Federal Reserve (head of a usurious, inflationary, fiat, funny-money system) is a quasi-government controlled / privately owned bank) which is printing too much money and increasing inflation drastically since year 1999.  On average, the M3 Money Supply increased from $135 billion to $10.15 trillion between 1950 and 2005 !  That is a factor of 75.2 !   But we did not become 75.2 times wealthier (not when the population also doubled).   To make matters worse,  massive debt, borrowing, and rampant spending creates pressure to print more money.  The problem grows worse and worse, because we now have to pay, due to growing debt, a staggering $1.3 billion per day (or more) in interest alone on only the $12+ trillion National Debt.  And guess where the money to pay that interest alone is coming from?  It's coming from more borrowing and more money-printing.  The government is printing hundreds of billions of new money per year, and borrowing the rest.  M3 Money Supply also increases due to growth, productivity, and population growth, but not by the amounts we are witnessing.  Our fiat funny-money monetary system represents nothing more than a dishonest form of hidden taxation.  When the government can print money at will, and does so irresponsibly, it is no different than a counterfeiter who illegally prints currency.  Our fiat funny-money monetary system especially hurts savers and people on fixed incomes, who find the value of their dollars steadily being eroded by the Federal Reserve's irresponsible, incessant excessive money-printing.   

Inflation is eroding the U.S. Dollar, and part of the reason is due to massive fiscal irresponsibility of the federal government (massive debt, borrowing, wasteful spending, and rampant creation of money out of thin air), China reducing exposure to the falling U.S. Dollars beginning in year 2005, and the wonderful example that the federal government is setting for everyone else (with regard to borrowing and spending).  Also, predatory lending practices, greedy banks raising interest rates very high, and inflation caused by excessive money-printing are major contributing causes to the mortgage melt-down.  And when a foreclosure occurs, the banks have essentially converted money printed out of thin air into real assets that they now own (since 89% of every new loan is new money created out of thin air, and the other 9% comes from other depositors).  Cha Ching !

And this is why no one in the federal government or the Federal Reserve will answer one simple question:

Where will the money will come from to merely pay the INTEREST on $57 Trillion of nation-wide debt,  much less the money to reduce the PRINCIPAL and keep it from growing ever larger to nightmare proportions, when that money does not yet exist (e.g. DEBT = PRINCIPAL + INTEREST)  Especially when 80% of the U.S. population owns only 17% of all wealth in the U.S. ?

For example,  see what $100.00 shrinks to for the current (as of AUG-2008) 5.37% inflation, after N years: 

INFLATION= 1.00% 2.00% 3.00% 4.00% 5.00% 5.37% 6.00% 7.00% 10.00% 14.00%
YEARs $100.00 $100.00 $100.00 $100.00 $100.00 $100.00 $100.00 $100.00 $100.00 $100.00
1 $99.00 $98.00 $97.00 $96.00 $95.00 $94.63 $94.00 $93.00 $90.00 $86.00
2 $98.01 $96.04 $94.09 $92.16 $90.25 $89.55 $88.36 $86.49 $81.00 $73.96
3 $97.03 $94.12 $91.27 $88.47 $85.74 $84.74 $83.06 $80.44 $72.90 $63.61
4 $96.06 $92.24 $88.53 $84.93 $81.45 $80.19 $78.07 $74.81 $65.61 $54.70
5 $95.10 $90.39 $85.87 $81.54 $77.38 $75.88 $73.39 $69.57 $59.05 $47.04
6 $94.15 $88.58 $83.30 $78.28 $73.51 $71.81 $68.99 $64.70 $53.14 $40.46
7 $93.21 $86.81 $80.80 $75.14 $69.83 $67.95 $64.85 $60.17 $47.83 $34.79
8 $92.27 $85.08 $78.37 $72.14 $66.34 $64.30 $60.96 $55.96 $43.05 $29.92
9 $91.35 $83.37 $76.02 $69.25 $63.02 $60.85 $57.30 $52.04 $38.74 $25.73
10 $90.44 $81.71 $73.74 $66.48 $59.87 $57.58 $53.86 $48.40 $34.87 $22.13
15 $86.01 $73.86 $63.33 $54.21 $46.33 $43.70 $39.53 $33.67 $20.59 $10.41
20 $81.79 $66.76 $54.38 $44.20 $35.85 $33.16 $29.01 $23.42 $12.16 $4.90
30 $73.97 $54.55 $40.10 $29.39 $21.46 $19.09 $15.63 $11.34 $4.24 $1.08
Get ready for more inflation (probably double-digit inflation again within the next decade, or less). 

Inflation has been positive every consecutive year since year 1956. That's exponential inflation (see CPI chart below), since 5% each year is more than 5% relative to the previous year.

That's why inflation looks like this:

And that is why the
U.S. dollar is already falling like a rock:

USD -to- Chinese Yuan

USD -to- Japanese Yen

USD -to- Danish Krone

USD -to- British Pound

USD -to- Brazilian Real

It has fallen significantly against all major international currencies for over 5 years.  That is why the double-digit inflation of the late 1970s and early 1980's was so devastating.  That is what is making foreign investors in the U.S. National Debt a bit nervous.  It is also a moral issue.  To really understand why the dishonest, fiat, funny-money, monetary system and excessive money-printing is so popular among bankers, government, some utopian economists, and the business community, you need to understand how it gives them power and influence.  It puts money in their hands, first, early in the circulation cycle, before the currency loses its value due to inflation.  This dishonest fiat funny-money system shifts the losses to others that don't understand how they are being cheated, and how it erodes their savings, retirements, and fixed incomes.  Inflation is like a REGRESSIVE tax, since the poor are limited in ways of preserving wealth with property, gold, stocks, homes, etc.  The poor and those dependent on fixed incomes can not keep up with the rising cost of living.  So median incomes continue to fall (as they have since 1999). Predatory interest rates and lending practices (i.e. raising Adjustable Rate Mortgages from 6% to 14%) are wide-spread.  And the banks get the interest on the money created out of thin air.  In addition to that, when some debtors default on their loan (exacerbated by skyrocketing Adjustable Rate Mortgages and predatory lending practices), the bank then can confiscate real property, which essentially converts the loan money printed out of thin air into real property and assets.  Cha-Ching !

It is similar to playing the game of Monopoly in which one person can print all they money they want for them self.  Before long, that one person owns everything, and everyone else is broke or deep in debt (similar to what has been happening in the U.S. for decades, which is why the nation is now swimming in massive debt; about $57 trillion of nation-wide debt; equivalent to about $140K per person).  How will the Federal Reserve and government resolve this massive debt problem?   They will print more money.  They will have no other choice.

The treasury yield curve inverted (FEB-2006) which historically have preceded many of the U.S. recessions, and is often seen as an accurate forecast of the turning points of the business cycle.  While unemployment is supposedly low, this supposedly rosy economy is being funded with massive debt, borrowing, wasteful spending, and money-printing ($3 trillion more in National Debt from 2000 to 2006).
  (07) Nation-Wide Debt:  The total nation-wide debt and the total federal government debt has never been worse (about $54 trillion of nation-wide debt, combined with state and local government debt). 

  (08) Education:  The quality of public education is falling while the cost is rising drastically.  The U.S. has decreasing numbers of U.S. citizens graduating with degrees in science and engineering.  Our children are the future, but about 30% are failing to graduate from high-school. What will our future be if they are not adequately educated?
Insufficient Education also leads to the failure to recognize the importance of Education itself, Transparency, and Accountability, which results in Corruption:
  • Responsibility =  Power  +  Conscience  +  Education  +  Transparency  +  Accountability 
  • Corruption      =  Power  -   Conscience  -   Education  -   Transparency  -  Accountability

In a voting nation, an educated electorate is paramount. 
The uneducated, as usual, are often abused and exploited.
Those choosing to remain ignorant do so a great peril, because there are always some looking for ways to exploit others.
Either way, the voters will get their Education one way or another, and the voters will have the government that they deserve.
Education Solutions . . .

  (09) Healthcare:  Too many middlemen and too much fraud is not only making healthcare increasingly unaffordable, but dangerous too!   Pharmaceutical corporations and the FDA are becoming pill pushers that are killing hundreds of thousands in the U.S. (annually).  That does not even include the huge number of patients that are irreversibly damaged and maimed.  JAMA reported that over 2.2 million hospitalized patients in 1994 had serious Adverse Drug Reactions (ADRs) and 106,000 were fatal, making these drug reactions the 5th or 6th leading cause of death in the U.S.!     JAMA's conclusion was that "the incidence of serious and fatal ADRs in U.S. hospitals was found to be extremely high".  On 27-July-2004, HealthGrades.com reported that "An average of 195,000 people in the U.S. died due to potentially preventable, in-hospital medical errors in each of the years 2000, 2001 and 2002, according to a new study of 37 million patient records".  Once again, part of the problem is the growing corpocrisy, corporatism, and influence of government by corporations and some that abuse vast amounts of money to control government.   Healthcare solutions are needed.  While government is not responsible for providing universal healthcare, it is responsible for protecting consumers from some greedy corporations that will do anything for a buck.  Also, illegal immigration is placing huge burdens on the healthcare system. Illegal aliens are over-running our ERs, hospitals, Medicaid, and welfare.  Thatís appalling. Since 1999, that is over 1.5 million people killed by preventable medical mistakes. That is more than all the U.S. troops killed in the the American Revolution (4,435), the War of 1812 (2,260), the Indian Wars (1,000), the Mexican War (1,733), the Civil War (462,000), the Spanish American War (385), WWI (53,402), WWII (291,557), Vietnam War (58,209), Korean War (36,574), the Iraq Gulf War (529), and the current Iraq war Mar-2003-present (3,963), combined!
  (10) Environment:   If we mess up our environment, all of the other things on this page may not matter much. 
  • Arable Land (land that can grow crops) Of the Earth's 57 million square miles of land, approximately 12 million square miles are arable.  However, arable land is being lost at the rate of over 38,610 square miles per year.  At that rate, all arable land could be lost in 310 years !  (12 million square miles / 38,610 square miles per year).
  • Global Warming:  Pollution and damage to the atmosphere, land, and water is a growing problem.  Trillions of tons of green-house gases are being released into the atmosphere.  Depletion of the ozone is destroying our protection against harmful radiation and global warming.  The current scientific consensus is that most global warming since 1950 is most likely attributable to human activities. The extent of this consensus was the subject of a study (published in December 2004 in the journal Science) of  928 refereed abstract scientific articles in the Institute for Scientific Information citation database identified with the keywords "global climate change".  This study concluded that 75% of the 928 articles either explicitly or implicitly accepted the consensus view.
  • World Over-Population: Many areas can not sustain their populations, resulting in poverty, starvation, disease, crime, etc.  How many people can the planet support.  The current world population of 6.68 billion people is growing by 249,000 per day!   That's only 5.46 acres per person!  By 2039, at the current level of growth, the population could grow to 13 billion. That's only 2.81 acres per person!

  (11) Energy Vulnerability:   urban sprawl, 40+ hours per month (540 per year) commuting;  traffic grid-lock;  tremendous waste of time and fuel;  The Department Of Energy, despite its cu$hy $24 billion annual budget (year 2007), has no energy plan.   The government, despite the trillion$ it bilks from the U.S. tax-payers, is not serious about developing alternative energy sources.  Just think what could have been done with the annual $28 billion spent on pork-barrel and waste
  (12) Social Security:  Social Security is a ponzi-scheme. It is now pay-as-you-go, and being funded largely with borrowed money and new money created from thin air. There are no surpluses in the Social Security and Medicare systems.  The trust funds are non-marketable I.O.U.s.   An aging population (78 million baby boomers) will exacerbate the Social Security and Medicare revenue shortfalls as the number of entitlement recipients increases relative to the decreasing the number of entitlement tax payers (and revenues).  77 million baby boomers will earn less income, pay less taxes, spend less, and start drawing benefits from already troubled Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid systems.  In year 1998, the average age of women in the U.S. is 81 years.  That is 16 years beyond the typical age of eligibility for Social Security and Medicare (i.e. age 65).  That means there are 13,175 persons (on average) becoming eligible for Social Security and Medicare per day!
  • The additional cost the first year is $43.3 billion (13,175 recipients per day x $9,000.00 of entitlements benefits per year per recipient x 365 days per year).
  • The additional cost is $86.6 billion per year more by the 2nd year.
  • The additional cost is $130 billion per year more by year 3.
  • The additional cost is $216 billion per year more by year 5.
  • There are already 45 million pre-existing Social Security and Medicare recipients.
  • That could climb significantly in only 5 years (13,175 recipients per day x 365 days per year x 5 years) = 24 million.
  (13) Medicare:  Medicare is a ponzi-scheme. It is now pay-as-you-go, and being funded largely with borrowed money and new money created from thin air.  There are currently hundreds of billion$ of unfunded liabilities for Medicare, and Medicare fraud is rampant.  Medicare could easily become (if it hasn't already) a bigger problem than Social Security.
  (14) Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation:  The PBGC is $450 billion in the hole (as of JAN-2005).  Tax-payers will get stuck with the bill (as usual).  There is a growing problem (nation-wide) of insolvent and plundered pensions
  (15) Crumbling Infrastructure (roads, bridges, tunnels, railways, ports, air ports, buildings, water treatment, etc.);
  (16) These 10+ abuses of the past 30+ years have now resulted in the deterioration of these 17+ economic conditions, which have never been worse ever and/or since the Great Depression.

Perhaps enough voters will question the wisdom and habit of repeatedly rewarding irresponsible incumbent politicians with perpetual re-election when enough voters are deep in debt, jobless, homeless, and hungry?  The sooner the better (similar to what voters did in the Great Depression, when they voters ousted 206 incumbent politicians in year 1933).  At any rate, the voters have the government that the voters elect (and re-elect, and re-elect, and re-elect, . . . , at least until that becomes too painful).


In a voting nation, an educated electorate (i.e. the voters) is paramount !
The voters will receive their education (eventually) one way or another.
The voters' education is already on its way; some painful lessons are already in the pipe-line.
Sooner would be better than later.

Please help energize your family, friends, and associates !

The Problem and the Solution (account for the human factor)
The Disparity Trend is worsening (these things did not all come about by mere coincidence over the past 30 years)
Economic Conditions Never Worse Ever and/or Since the 1930s and 1940s.
Irresponsible Incumbents (what irresponsible incumbent politicians do while troops risk life and limb)
National Debt (it could  take centuries to pay down only 33% of the National Debt)
Debt and Money (M3 Money Supply and the Federal Reserve) see these videos.
Consider the Following Scenario (must we always learn the hard way)?
Solutions ; Help to Educate others (peacefully force government to be responsible and accountable too!)
PROs and CONs (why to stop re-electing irresponsible incumbent politicians)
Environmental Issues (population, arable land, global warming)
Badly-Needed, Common-Sense Reforms
Congress is ignoring 567 amendment applications by all 50 states to call and Article V Convention
The Cheater's Philosophy (learn to recognize the manipulation techniques)
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