Consider the Following Scenario . . .

What if some of the following culminates about the same time?
Some of the following has already occurred:
(01) Extended occupation by the U.S. and/or ever-present potential for a Civil war in Iraq; a pre-emptive war based on numerous false statements.  There are no good solutions that don't include high costs, and is probably not the best way to make the U.S. safer.   And with the rhetoric about World War III , hopefully the administration won't start another pre-emptive war with Iran or other nation(s) based on false statements.
(02) China and other foreign nations start reducing their exposure to the falling U.S. dollar as the U.S. National Debt continues to grow ever larger to nightmare proportions (currently, the National Debt is about $Loading... ).
(03) The federal government starts printing more money to simply be able to pay the interest (currently, interest alone is over a staggering $1 billion due per day, and the money supply is being increased by billions per day), the debt continues to rapidly grow by over $2 billion per day (or more), and inflation starts to rise to double digits (as it did in the late 1970s and early 1980's).  Interest rates begin to rise also.
(04) Foreign competition continues to grow, and manufacturing continues to move out of the U.S.
(05) GM, Ford, Chrysler, and other major corporations file for bankruptcy, and lay off hundreds of thousands of employees.
(06) Real median household incomes continue to fall as they have since 1978 (when including more workers per household, regressive taxation, and the disappearing 40-hour work-week).
(07) Bankruptcies and foreclosures begin to increase (in the millions per year in years 2006 to 2009).  Home equities fall to historic lows (already below 50% in Mar-2008; the lowest levels since year 1945).
(08) A recession begins.  States and federal government tax revenues begin to fall.  Deficit spending increases.  The federal government creates more and more money out of thin air, and starts giving money away to voters in the form of stimulus checks, tax rebates, bail-outs for corporations and banks, welfare and subsidies for the wealthy.  But is only makes a big problem grow ever larger, to nightmare proportions, and risks crashing the U.S. Dollar, which has already fallen drastically for over 5 years against all major international currencies.
(09) A 78 million baby boomer bubble (most of which vote), about 10,000 per day begin to retire (if they can), their incomes decrease, they pay less taxes, they spend less, and they start drawing Social Security and Medicare (which is already trillions in the hole for unfunded liabilities), and Medicaid (all, entitlement systems that have already been plundered, mismanaged, and are already in big trouble).  Healthcare costs continue to skyrocket. 
(10) The federal government raises taxes on individuals and corporations too.
(11) Insolvent and plundered pensions leave many retirees penniless.
(12) More businesses and corporations that have not yet failed move operations to other countries.  Is it a global village, or global pillage?
(13) A category 5 hurricane hits Port Arthur, Texas,  disrupting oil refining for many months,  and costing tens of billions in damage.  The tax-payers still haven't recovered from Katrina and Rita hitting the Gulf in 2005.  The National Debt continues to grow ever larger, and irresponsible incumbent politicians continue to vote on pork-barrel, vote themselves cu$hy perks, benefits, and raises (10 times between 1997 to 2009), and continue to refuse to pass any common-sense, no-brainer, responsible reforms.
(14) A gallon of gasoline jumps to $9 per gallon (in 2008 dollars), and oil spikes to $200 per barrel.  Electricity and fuel oil prices sky rocket.  Gasoline shortages cause lines at the gasoline stations.  Rationing becomes necessary.  Currently, the U.S. uses about 28 Million barrels of oil per day.  If the U.S. drilled in ANWR (14-to-18 Billion barrels), and offshore (18-to36 Billion Barrels), and the Bakken formation in North Dakota (2.1 Billion barrels), all of that oil along with the current 6 Million barrels of domestic oil already produced in the U.S. annually would only allow the U.S. to avoid importing foreign oil for about 8.5 years.  Also, it will take about 2-to-4 years before any significant amounts of oil start flowing from those regions.  Therefore, the U.S. has to also develop alternative energy sources, but it won't come soon enough to avoid considerable pain and misery.
(15) Inflation increases to 19% Pensions and life savings are eroded even farther.  More and more people fall into poverty.  Those that can (the wealthiest and most educated) move their assets and businesses out of the United States.  The U.S. Dollar falls lower.
(16) There is a huge sell-off in the stock markets and government securities held by foreign investors that invested heavily in the U.S. National Debt.  The U.S. Government engages in more rampant money-printing, borrowing, spending, and the U.S. dollar falls much lower.  Nations start selling off U.S. dollars for stronger currencies (such as Euros).  Some stock markets around the world are closed.  The massive debt-pyramid finally crashes the U.S. Dollar, triggered by foreign nations holding U.S. Dollars start trying to exchange their increasingly worthless U.S. Dollars for other currencies. 
(17) People start withdrawing cash assets from the banks to invest in things that will slow the erosion of principal (e.g. gold, silver, commodities, etc.).
(18) Many are unable to afford rent, much less buy a home.
(19) Many can not afford to go to college.  Educated and skilled people are drawn to better paying jobs in other countries.  The brain-drain continues to decrease our competitiveness even more.
(20) The recession turns into a  depression  that  lasts  20  years .
(21) The environment takes a back seat to other issues, exacerbating things now and far into the future. And the world population increasing by 211,000 persons per day makes it worse in many ways.
(22) Fed-up voters go to the polls and vote out most irresponsible incumbents and demand common-sense reforms
But, unfortunately, it is too late. 
There's a delayed feed-back problem. 
Consequences come too late to motivate. 
We had to learn the hard, painful way (again). 

The United States is facing many pressing problems,  but these problems can never be resolved until the voters decide to do the one, simple, common-sense, non-partisan, inexpensive, responsible thing they were supposed to be doing all along:  
Stop rewarding irresponsible incumbent politicians with perpetual re-election. 

Don't re-elect incumbent politicians until they are sufficiently responsible and accountable too, and stop refusing to pass many badly-needed, common-sense, no-brainer, responsible reforms to increase transparency to increase visibility, and to increase accountability to increase responsibility. 

Incumbents will not allow newcomers to Congress to pass badly-needed, common-sense, responsible reforms.  
Incumbents will not let newcomers pass any reforms that may reduce the incumbents power, or reduce their opportunities for self-gain. 
Incumbents always outnumber the newcomers that would like to pass badly-needed, common-sense reforms.
Incumbents have many unfair advantages to make their cu$hy, coveted incumbencies more secure.
Incumbents shun, isolate, pressure, and threaten newcomers with the loss of party support if they do not accept the status quo.

Newcomers are powerless to make reforms.   So the only hope left is up to the voters.   The voters must decide (and the sooner the better, because we may be running out of time) whether to vote wisely and responsibly to peacefully force  government to be responsible and accountable, or wait until it is too late, and learn the hard, painful way (again). 

Problems . . . (no wonder Congress has 9% approval ratings)
Root Causes . . . (10 major abuses;  voters are culpable too)
Painful Consequences . . .  (17 deteriorating economic conditions never worse since ever and/or since the Great Depression)
Solutions . . .  (the sooner, the better, because later = more painful)
The Growing Disparity Trend (these things did not all come about by mere coincidence over the last 30+ years)
Irresponsible Incumbents (what irresponsible incumbent politicians do while troops risk life and limb)
PROs and CONs (why to stop re-electing irresponsible incumbent politicians)
National Debt (and growing fast)
Interest on the National Debt (it could take over 222 years at only 2.5% to pay down 33% of the National Debt)
Solutions (peacefully force government to be responsible & accountable too!)
Help Educate Others (peacefully force government to be responsible and accountable too! )
Badly-Needed, Common-Sense Reforms (that can never be passed until voters make it happen)
Environmental Issues (population, arable land, global warming)
The Cheater's Philosophy (learn to recognize their manipulation)
Frequently Asked Questions