The  Cheaters'  Philosophy

  The ability to recognize and reject it is vital to the health of any organization, society, government, and individual.
It is not
said with malice, but is simply a common-sense fact of human nature. 
It is
rooted in too much short-sighted, and too little long-sighted, enlightened self-interest.
people (Cheaters) will try to tap-into others' , and use it for their own nefarious purposes.
is the:

        Cheaters'  Philosophy

A  fact  of  human  nature  that  must  be understood  and  readily  recognized:
  (1)   Most people, naturally, seek security and prosperity with the least amount of effort and pain.
There is nothing
wrong with that, and most people are ethical and law abiding (otherwise, we would have wide-spread chaos, war, lawlessness, and societal disorder).
However, some people (master cheaters and parasites
) have surrendered to, which is manifested as one of the following (human traits; what some call the original 7 deadly sins):
  • laziness, apathy, complacency, negligence, ignorance;
  • pride, hubris, arrogance, deception, self-delusion; misplaced loyalties, misplaced compassion, misplaced priorities (e.g. fueling and wallowing in partisan-warfare);
  • envy and jealousy, sometimes disguised as demands for equality;
  • greed, gluttony, lust for power and control, and exploitation of others and things (e.g. lawlessness, legal plunder, abuse of wealth, usurywars, unfair taxation, etc.);
  • anger, hatred, irrational fear, fear mongering, intolerance, bigotry, prejudice of others and things (e.g. religion, race, gender, color, ethnicity, etc.);

Cheaters will resort to unethical and/or illegal methods (to varying degrees). 
when and where opportunity and Power exists. 
will try to tap-into others' , and use it for their own nefarious purposes (e.g. controlling others;  seducing voters into the circular, divisive, distracting, petty partisan-warfare;  pitting voters against each other;  pitting citizens and illegal aliens against each other;  brain-washing voters into believing they must pull the party-lever (i.e. blindly vote straight ticket),  dividing the voters so that a majority can never exist to vote-out the irresponsible incumbent politicians, etc.).  

  (2) Corruption grows when and where there is:
    insufficient  Virtue, which creates complacency, apathy, and a lack of concern, which creates
    insufficient  Education, which paves the way for growing ignorance, which creates
    insufficient Transparency, which creates opportunities for self-gain, which creates
    insufficient  Accountability, which means there are no consequences, which creates
    insufficient  Responsibility,
  and  Power  amplifies the problem, as laws are ignored and perverted to do the very things they were originally supposed to prevent.

One of the common manifestations ofis
It is a natural human tendency, but it is immoral to surrender to it completely.  Some people, with strong morals or healthy fear of consequences (i.e. law enforcement), will rarely, or never resort to unethical or illegal methods. 

In many governments, some incumbent politicians use the Cheaters' Philosophy to divide and control the voters, to ensure that a majority of voters can never be formed to vote out the irresponsible incumbents, and also, somehow convince voters to return every election, to empower them to keep doing it !?   It is a vicious circle. 

The Cheaters' Philosophy requires a method.

One favorite method is:   partisan
Politicians love to fuel it, because it is so powerfully effective at distracting voters and pitting them against each other, while ignoring the politicians' own incompetence and malfeasance.

But, there are other commonly used methods (e.g. illegal immigration, race, religion, gender, class, profession, wealth, etc.), which are all used to cleverly divide, control, and pit people against each other.

No matter what the method is, the invisible Cheaters' Philosophy aims to create a conflict with a circular pattern to divide, distract, and control.

The partisan
-warfare method creates a conflict which is a circular pattern of thought and behavior designed to divide the voters, to distract them from the nefarious motives of the Cheaters,  and prevent the voters who have been seduced into the circular pattern,  from ever realizing that they are being manipulated.  It is very powerful and effective.  I too once fueled and wallowed in the circular pattern of the partisan-warfare.  Political parties are not the problem.  The Cheaters exist in all parties, and are only part of the problem.  The other part of the problem is the larger population of voters that do not realize or believe they are being manipulated, and who repeatedly reward corrupt, dishonest, greedy, arrogant incumbent politicians with perpetual re-election.

Thus, it is important to understand this fact of human nature, and become educated about the signs and clever tactics used to manipulate others. 
Learn to identify Cheaters and how they:

  distract you;
  divide you;
  control you;
  trick you with non-sequiturs and truths mixed with half-truths;
  obscure the facts and cloud the issues to distract you and keep you within the circular pattern of thought and behavior;
  cherry-pick facts to suit their argument, while cleverly ignoring the overwhelming evidence to the contrary;
  lure you back into the partisan warfare;
  seduce you into the frenzied circular pattern of thought and behavior (i.e. petty partisan warfare);
  shift blame, and avoid from ever being held accountable;
  pit people (voters) against each other (e.g. based on party affiliation, wealth, religion, race, nationality, citizenship, etc.) using one of their various circular methods;
  stack-the-deck to secure their power and cu$hy, coveted seats of power, and reward themselves generously at tax-payers expense;
  pervert the laws to do the very thing the laws were originally supposed to prevent:   legal plunder;
  out spend you;  There are two classes in this country:
  • One class derives concentrated power from its concentrated wealth1% of the U.S. population has 40% of all wealth. 83% of all federal campaign donations (of $200 or more in year 2002) are from a mere 0.3% of the 200 million eligible U.S. voters.
    How can the remaining 99.7% of the U.S. population compete with that abuse of vast wealth to control government
    Government should not be FOR-SALE.
  • The other class has power only in numbers, and that power is largely ineffective due to their inability to organize or realize the one simple, inexpensive, common-sense, no-brainer, responsible thing voters were supposed to be doing all along, always.  Just simply stop re-electing irresponsible incumbent politicians.
  Not that any profession is necessarily the root of any problem, but Cheaters gravitate to certain professions (i.e. those with power and opportunities for self-gain) more so than other professions.  Cheaters gravitate to politics or professions that are often in-league with government.  Cheaters are everywhere among us, and they do not only exist only in the realm of law and politics.  You've probably met a few. Many Cheaters do not even realize they are, nor would ever admit to being a Cheater.  Some do realize it, and do not feel bad about it, and they are the most dangerous.  They are often the Master-Cheaters.  They are numerous in government,  because that is where the power and opportunity for self-gain is.  When there is sufficient  Responsibility, and common-sense reforms, adjustments, and simplifications have been implemented to reduce cleverly overly-complicated processes, Cheaters can not thrive, and eventually move on to search for more vulnerable targets.

Most people, naturally, seek security and prosperity with the least amount of effort and pain, but some (Cheaters) often resort to unethical (even illegal) methods.  Without sufficient
  Virtue,  Education, Transparency, and Accountability, Corruption grows, and  Power can exacerbate the problem.  A lack of  Virtue  creates a lack of emphasis on  Education, which creates an environment ripe for Corruption.  A lack of Transparency creates opportunities for self gain.  A lack of Accountability means there are no consequences, and results in a lack of all Responsibility.

Virtue Education,  Transparency Accountability,  and  Power  can yield  Responsibility,  and reduce  Corruption:

Fundamental Principles:

    Virtue  = the source of moral and ethical judgment; a sense of right and wrong; a sense of caring.  Virtue  is not merely knowing what is right or wrong, but caring enough to do what is right, and provides the motivation to seek the balance of  Education,  Transparency,  Accountability,  and  Power required for any successful society, government, or organization;
    Education  = an understanding of the importance of:   Virtue,   Education,  Transparency,  Accountability,  Power,  Responsibility,   Corruptionand  the human factor (human psychology);  humans naturally seek security and prosperity with the least effort and pain,  and some people will sometimes resort to dishonest, unethical, or illegal methods to obtain it;  Education can also, potentially, compensate for a lack of Virtue  (i.e. virtue) and the other components;
    Transparency  = visibility and simplification of cleverly over-complicated processes to reveal and identify abusers, reveal the truth, create outrage, reduce opportunities for abuse, and discourage abuse and dishonesty;
    Accountability  = consequences needed to encourage law enforcement, encourage ethical behavior, and discourage abuse and dishonesty;
    Power  = force required to enforce the laws, discontinue abuses, ensure consequences, punish abusers, and discourage future abuse and dishonesty;

Responsibility   = Power  +  Virtue  +  Education  +  Transparency  +  Accountability

and Misery
  = Power   -  Virtue   -   Education  -   Transparency  -   Accountability
  THE PROBLEM:  Too much Corruption due to too much short-sighted, and too little long-sighted, educated, and enlightened self-interest;
The government is too corrupt and too many voters allow it. 
Government needs  
Power  to enforce the laws,  but  Power  without sufficient  Virtue,   Education,  Transparency,  and  Accountability  yields  Corruption,  Pain, and Misery.  
But, in a voting nation, the voters are culpable too, and too many voters who repeatedly reward and empower corrupt incumbent politicians with re-election, will only lead to more
Corruption,  Pain, and Misery

The nation's pressing problems will continue to grow in number and severity as long as voters continue to:
  • repeatedly reward irresponsible incumbent politicians with 85%-to-90% re-election rates (despite dismally low approval ratings as low as 9%).
  • throw money at politicians (billion$) to fill their campaign war chests.
  • fail to understand that 99.7% of all 200 million eligible voters are vastly out-spent by a very tiny 0.3% of the wealthiest voters who make 83% of all campaign donations of $200 or more.
  • wallow in the circular, divisive, distracting partisan warfare, emphasizing differences rather than unity and similarities, fueling hatred, fear-mongering, pitting voters against each other by making the voters believe that they disagree on many issues the voters would otherwise agree upon.
  • fuel the extremely effective, circular, divisive, distracting partisan warfare, and demonizing the OTHER party for the very same things THEIR own party are equally guilty of doing.
  • allow themselves to be controlled and manipulated by politicians that are experts at tapping into the voters' laziness and blind partisan loyalties; cleverly tricking voters to blindly pull the party-lever (i.e. straight ticket),  pit voters against each other, wallow in the  partisan warfare, and ignore the politicians that are ignoring the nation's problems that are growing dangerously in number and severity.
  • allow politicians to despicably pit U.S. citizens and illegal aliens against each other for votes, profits for illegal employers, and (supposedly) misplaced compassion.
  • be bribed with the voters' own tax dollars (i.e. promises of tax cuts, various benefits, and cradle-to-grave entitlements).
  • believe that pleading with incumbent politicians will lead them to finally pass many badly-needed, no-brainer, common-sense reforms.
  • waste valuable time needed to avoid the painful consequences of decades of massive debt, borrowing, spending, and excessive money printing.
  • fail to do their duty to peacefully force government to be responsible and accountable too.

Irresponsible Voters = Bad Politicians = Bad Government

We are ALL culpable.

  THE SOLUTION:  Less Corruption and less , and more Responsibility via more Virtue  +  Education  +  Transparency  +  Accountability
One key part of the solution is
Education, and the voters need (rather than later and more painfully) to:
  1. learn and understand the importance of the Fundamental Principles  above (Power, Virtue, Education, Transparency, and Accountability);
  2. learn to never under-estimate the tendency of some people (cheaters) to use and abuse others for their own self-gain;
  3. learn how to identify and choose core guiding principles, instead of blindly accepting the philosophies and spin of other people or parties with nefarious motives;
  4. learn how to become principle centered, instead of being manipulated and controlled by other people or parties with nefarious motives;
  5. learn how to identify the requirements to satisfy your core principles, and don't settle for anything less which would undermine those core principles;
  6. learn how to recognize the clever manipulations, spin, and controlling mechanisms (e.g. partisan warfare) of cheaters and parties who want to pit people against each other for their own self-gain;
  7. learn how to recognize over-complications designed to reduce or eliminate Transparency which paves the way for Corruption and other manifestations of unchecked greed and selfishness;  for example, consider only one abuse (of several), which is the severely over-complicated and perverted tax system which is unfair and regressive;
  8. learn and understand that straying from those core principles will lead to Corruption, which leads to more pain and misery;
  9. teach someone else what you have learned;
  10. and remember that no reforms will ever be possible until enough voters do the one simple, common-sense, no-brainer, non-partisan, inexpensive, safe, peaceful and responsible thing that voters were supposed to be doing all along: 

Stop  Repeat Offenders.
Stop  Repeatedly  Re-electing  Irresponsible  Incumbent Politicians ! 

Peacefully force Congress to finally pass many badly-needed, common-sense, responsible reforms that incumbents have refused to pass for so many decades.   Peacefully force government to be responsible and accountable too
After all, can you name 50, 100, 200, or even 268 (half of 535) in Congress that are responsible and accountable
No?   Well, it's no wonder.  Why should Congress persons be responsible and accountable when they are repeatedly rewarded for being corrupt, FOR-SALE, and irresponsible ?
If you had a child, and you repeatedly rewarded that child for bad behavior, what sort of person do you think that child would become ?

    The irresponsibility of the federal government and slumbering voters is threatening the future and security of the nation.  The United States is facing many pressing problems,  but these problems can never be resolved and no reforms can ever be passed without,  first, following our Virtue to do what is right, to peacefully force government to be  Transparent,  Accountable,  and  Responsible  too!   And, without merely shifting power, or stripping government of all Power to accomplish anything.
  The human trait,, must be understood and accounted for.  Some people through the centuries have understood this very well, and tried to build in checks-and-balances.  But, the voters have neglected to maintain sufficient levels of  Education, Transparency, and Accountability required to prevent the Cheaters that are always striving to circumvent or pervert the rules and laws for self-gain and legal plunder.

Education is needed to understand how the root problem ():

   works  for  irresponsible incumbent politicians,
x   works  against  voters.

Politicians have
Power by virtue of their office.  Power coupled withyields Corruption, because Cheaters can simply create more opportunities for self-gain by simply doing nothing, or by breeding chaos.  Cheaters also get paid hand$omely while doing it on the job, giving themselves more unfair advantages, and making their incumbency more secure and cu$hy.

The voters'
works against them, because their lack of motivation to observe and monitor politicians, failing to reject the partisan warfare, and failure to stop repeatedly rewarding incumbent corrupt incumbent politicians with re-election, takes time and effort for the voters, and voters don't get paid for their time or effort.  Also, it requires time and effort for the voters to maintain sufficient levels of  Education, Transparency, and Accountability.

Therefore, corrupt incumbent politicians have many unfair advantages

But, if voters want it enough and they probably will eventually, when the misery level provides sufficient incentive, voters can restore a balance of power between government and the people, by simply doing the one simple thing voters were supposed to be doing all along:   vote out (or recall) all irresponsible incumbents, always,  repeatedly,  every election, until simple, common-sense, no-brainer, responsible reforms are passed to peacefully force government to be Transparent,  Accountable,  and  Responsible too!

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