VOTER EDUCATION:  WHAT Makes a Good Voter  

What does it take to be an educated voter?  It takes one or more of the following:

  1. concern/conscience
    Not just for yourself, but future generations too.   We are threatening the future and security of the nation.
  2. patriotism
    Just waving a flag doesn't cut it.  Research your government and find ways to educate others, promote common-sense, no-brainer ways to make government more transparent, accountable, and responsible.
  3. outrage
    If you are not outraged by the fiscal and moral bankruptcy of government, such as this, then nothing else is likely to.
  4. curiosity
    What you don't know can hurt you.  Ignorance is not an excuse.
  5. action
    Don't be lazy. Understand how laziness is at the root of most of our problems.  Learn how corruption in government is hurting and costing you, and threatening the future and security of the nation, and our children.  Learn about common-sense ways to increase transparency, increase accountability, increase responsibility, and reduce corruption.  Learn about your congress persons.
  6. pain and misery
    If we don't learn the smart way,
    pain and misery is always a very effective teacher . . . at least until we forget (again).

My fear is that "6.  pain and misery" (above) will be what it takes to motivate people to care.  But, we don't know that for certain, so resigning to futility is not a wise option.  But, if we ever do learn to take steps before it is too late, it will be history in the making. We should learn from history.  Progress is slow (2.000 steps forward, 1.999 steps backward).  When will we recognize the lessons of history, government FOR SALE, lack of transparency in government, and do the smart thing to avoid another painful lesson Mostly likely, when not doing so becomes too painful. 

Still, polls show that most voters believe most politicians are irresponsible and/or corrupt. 

The best way to prove incumbents ARE irresponsible is to show the many ways HOW they are irresponsible and/or corrupt.

It's not too hard.  Most incumbent politicians have been so kind to provide us with an overwhelming number of examples of unethical, illegal, fraudulent, immoral, and irresponsible behavior.  Lack of Education and Transparency breed corruption, and diminish Accountability and Responsibility.  Thus, the first step is Education. Several good sites for learning what is really going on is the first step

And, here's an easy way  to  get  started .  It will take a bit of work, but do you want to mistakenly vote for the wrong person? 

Don't just lazily pull the party lever, or vote straight ticket. That is how incumbent politicians continue to secure their cu$hy, coveted seats of abused power.  That's why over 90% of long time incumbents think they can do anything they want.  That is why they are so arrogant and irresponsible.   Look at how politicians vote.  Look at the ways they have stacked the deck to make their cu$hy incumbencies more safe and secure.  You may be surprised to discover that you are voting for a person that does things you do not approve of ?

NOTE:   When doing internet searches in most internet browsers, and to zero in on specific data faster, be sure to use capitalized boolean operators (e.g. AND , OR, NOT,  NEAR, etc., or the
+ and - operators ).  For example:

      debt  AND  "social security"

The "quoted string" directs the search engine to search for that specific phrase (exactly).
Compare the search above with the results of simply:

      debt  social  security

The first search will typically get fewer, but more related articles. In Yahoo!, the first search gets 537,109 hits. The second gets 1,064,051 hits because not all hits are related.

Another technique is to use the
+ character.  For example: 

+debt   +"social security"

Or, use a
 - or  NOT  operator to exclude a word. For example:  

debt +"social security"

Another useful option is the single character wild-card character (a question mark):
For example, search for  bmw  and then try:   


And an
* (asterisk) can be used for one or more wildcard characters.
For example, search for  bmw  and then try:   


Google and Yahoo! and many other sites have advanced search pages with other options:  

For more information, run a search on

       +internet    +search     +tips

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